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Benefits of Getting Listed in Dmoz.org: Revealed and Identified

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If you're looking for the best SEO tips for quick results then listed below are the best practices gathered from years for experience that will enable you and your websites or blogs to reach a new level:

1. Keyword: The most important thing is the Keyword and the fastest results are seen in targeting a larger number of lower level competitive terms. So take advantage of free tools like Google Adwords and research for your targeted keywords.

2. Creating Great URL: Creating a great URL starts from picking a short domain name that is memorable and includes most of the important keywords. If you are going to use hyphens then make sure that there should not be more than two hyphens as more than two hyphens begin to get excessive and spam-like.

3. Using Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are often known as the secret of great search engine rankings. It should be at least three words and if it is related to the niche of your website then you will face less competition and the result will be much more effectively targeted traffic. 

4. Latent Semantic Indexing: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the process of including related keywords and phrases to your main phrases in order to boost your site's value in the search engines. For example, if your site is about coffeemakers then you can include other related words like iced coffee, organic coffee etc. which will keep your site from appearing as spam, as you are not using the same keywords again and again.

5. Internal Links: Internal link is the most easy way to help each of your pages to gain higher and more targeted ranking in the search engines. So be sure to use it properly.

6. PPC Advertising: Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the only way to see immediate results so start running a campaign for your website backed up with all the necessary keywords you have already researched. Experiment with different ads, different bidding strategies and different targeted keywords until you start to see consistent results.

7. Image Optimization: Image optimization is also one of a great way to boost SEO scores of your pages as it helps to find your pages in image based searches. So try naming your images with a keyword and always use ALT tag for your images to describe what the image is.

8. Optimization of Title Tag: Title tag plays an important role to boost your rankings so never think like anything you put in the title will be sufficient to drive people into your site. It should be kept short, no more than 60 to 70 characters in length and always use unique title for each of your pages.

9. META Tag Notes: The META Keywords tag is no longer used by Google for ranking, although other search engines may still make use of it. But the most important thing is the META Title and META description tags which should be kept 70 characters or less and 160 characters or less respectively as anything more than this will be cut off by the search engines. Never forget to use your targeted keywords in these META tags.

10. Link Building, the Right Way: Many people go entirely in the wrong direction when it comes to link building. You should avoid low quality, spammy directories and also if you build thousands of links in a few days, you will stand out as unnatural. So, it's best to build links over time from high value sites, respected directories such as DMOZ, Best of the Web and others that can pay huge dividends. Think of the sites that are in your niche and work directly with them to get a link to your site.

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